#Sanchez4Stafford Platform

Adam's hears what the residents of Stafford are talking about. They're the same concerns and issues that he feels most passionate about. Its time to put the people's concerns over politics so that Stafford can continue to be a place that we can ALL call home. 

No City Property Tax

Adam is dedicated to keep Stafford a "No City Property Tax" city, with smart fiscal practices that don't burden the residents. Financial transparency is paramount to the success of the City of Stafford. Adam will fight to keep debt down and raise the general fund balance without sacrificing essentials city services (Police, Fire, Public Works).

Animal Welfare

When elected to city council Adam will make animal welfare a community priority. Its time to take care of Stafford's pet population while educating the community to help decrease strays and promoting the #AdoptDontShop campaign. He will work to strengthen Stafford's partnership with Missouri City's Animal Shelter.


Stafford needs to adopt proactive drainage strategies. Making sure our ditches and drain ways work at optimal efficiently. Working together to make sure ALL our neighbors are safe and dry when bad weather inevitably hits our area. We must make sure our drain ways are maintained and free of debris so that unnecessary flooding is prevented.  


Adam knows education is key to keeping Stafford prosperous. He's ready to work with SMSD to provide the highest standard of education and safety to ALL children of Stafford. Adam will work to bridge the gap of City Council to the SMSD Board to work together to ensure that the children of Stafford have every opportunity to succeed.

Destination: Stafford

It's time to utilize Stafford's assets to promote Stafford's attractiveness to generate tax revenue. Adam has a plan to combine Stafford's amenities (The Grid, The Fountains, & The Stafford Center) to promote Stafford as the top destination of Fort Bend county. Music festivals, conventions, and related events would thrive in Stafford.

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